2015 Maria Mena´s  new album “Growing Pains.”

2013 “Weapon in Mind”  Maria Mena´s sixth studio-album. featuring singles like “I always liked that” & “I love you too”

2011 “Viktoria”  Maria Mena´s fifth studio-album. featuring singles like “Homeless” & “this too shall pass

2008  “Cause and effect” . featured singles like “belly up” , “all this time”, and “i´m in love again” .

2005 “Apparently unaffected” is Mena´s third studio-album. it featured singles like “miss you love” & “just hold me”

2004 “White turns blue is a mix of the two albums “Another phase” & “Mellow” for a US release. it featured singles like “you´re the only one ” & “blame it on me”

2004 Maria Mena´s sophmore album. featured the singles “you´re the only one” &  “just a little bit”

2002, “Another phase” is Maria Mena’s debut album. featured singles like “my lullaby” , “blame it on me” & “free (fragile)”